Monday, December 12, 2011

The Fifth Hour.

The Silver Haired Girl set down several First-Aid kits on one of the long, wooden cafeteria tables.

The Blonde Haired Girl opened one of the kits and took out some bandages and used them to clean up the White Haired Girl's wound.

The Black Haired Boy set the box of syringes down next to the First-Aid, and also put down the container with the unknown fluid.

"What's all that stuff?" the Purple Haired Boy asked.

"Well, my friend, this is a First-Aid kit," the Gray Haired Boy joked, pointing to a box of First-Aid.

"Yeah, I know what that is, it says it on the damn box! I'm not stupid, I can read," the Purple Haired Boy glared.

The Gray Haired Boy laughed at him, and so did some of the others.

The Purple Haired Boy looked down at the ground embarrased that other people were having fun at his expense.

"Knock it off, guys.. Anyway, those are syringes we found in the Nurse's Office," the Silver Haired Girl explained, "and that, we're not sure what it is, it might be a poison, or a sedative, we're not sure," she added.

"That sounds kind of dangerous, why do you need to bring all that with us down here when anyone can pick it up and use it?" the White Haired Girl asked.

"Stop moving please," the Blonde Haired Girl instructed, "I can't help you if you're gonna keep shaking and moving around all the time."

"S-Sorry," the White Haired Girl said, apologetically.

"Don't be sorry, I'm sorry for snapping at you, I'm just stressed," the Blonde Haired Girl said, as she finished doctoring the wounds. "There, all better."

The White Haired Girl thanked her and turned back to the Silver Haired Girl.

"There's twenty of us, even if one of us is the killer, it would still be nineteen against one, the odds are stacked in our favor. So even if the killer gets a weapon, they'll be severely outnumbered," the Silver Haired Girl explained, reassuring her friends that there was no need to worry.

The Black Haired Boy nodded, "That makes sense to me."

The Purple Haired Girl stood up, and slid her knife out of her pocket causing everyone to back away from her. She then rolled her eyes and tucked it inside the box of syringes. "I was just putting it away, it is a supply, right?"

The Long, Pink Haired Girl sighed, "I feel a little more relieved now, you should do the same," she said, turning to the Blonde Haired Girl.

"Oh, right," the Blonde Haired Girl said, putting her knife inside the box aswell.

"We just made this place feel a little safer.. does anyone else have a weapon?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"I kept this in my purse, but I guess if we're all going to be sharing supplies, I don't really need to hold on to it," the Red Haired Girl answered, as she reached into her purse and pulled out the syringe filled with the unknown liquid. "Where do you want me to put this?" she asked the Silver Haired Girl.

"Anywhere is fine, just not in the box with the others, someone might accidently get hurt with that stuff... Over there is fine," she said, pointing to the far end of the table where no one else was.

The Red Haired Girl nodded, and walked to the end of the table and set down her syringe before coming back. When she returned, there was someone else in the Cafeteria that wasn't there before she turned around, and he was covered in blood.

"Blood..!" the Long, Pink Haired Girl whispered to herself before running to a trash can to throw up, the Blue Haired Girl followed her to make sure she was okay.

"You don't look so good, what happened to you?" the Gray Haired Boy joked, and then flinched after being kicked violently in the shin by the Purple Haired Girl.

"This isn't a game, we're fighting for our lives here, don't be so childish," the Silver Haired Girl scolded him, forcing the Gray Haired Boy to become uncharacteristically introverted. She then turned back to the boy covered in blood, "But really, what did happen to you?" she asked.

"You didn't kill anyone, did you?!" the White Haired Girl asked, in a panic.

"Relax, will you? Let him get his story out," the Blue Haired Girl said, helping the Long, Pink Haired Girl back to her seat.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed. "I'll just clean this off first, then I'll talk, maybe you'll all calm down," he said, walking to the sink where he took off his bloody, navy blue uniform jacket and threw it in the trash and proceeded to wash the blood out of his hair. "Ow! Damnit, it burns," he pulled back away from the water, but most of the blood rinsed out anyway.

"Sit down please, I'm the Nurse's Assisstant, and I'm training for Medical School, I might be able to help you," the Blonde Haired Girl said, "I already nursed her wounds," the Blonde Haired Girl said, pointing to the White Haired Girl who was still shaking in terror.

"What happened to her?" the Blue Haired Boy asked.

"She stabbed herself," the Blonde Haired Girl replied.

The Blue Haired Boy blinked, and stared at the White Haired Girl who looked down at her feet in embarrasment."Anyway, let me look at it, you can try to tell your story while I examine your wounds," the Blonde Haired Girl said, as she put on a pair of latex rubber gloves from the already opened First-Aid kit and began to examine the boy's wounds.

The Blue Haired Boy turned to the rest of the group and began to explain what happened, "There was just four of us left, after the groups were split up.. Ow!" The Blue Haired Boy stood up, after he felt a jolt of pain. "What the hell was that?!"

The Blonde Haired Girl was holding a bloody piece of glass that she had removed from his wounds. "If you keep moving around, this is only going to take longer and hurt more, hold still," she said, throwing the piece of glass in the garbage can next to her.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed and sat back down.

"Okay, there were four of you left, then what?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

The Blue Haired Boy explained how the Green Haired Girl had went on to the Secretary's Office, incase she needed to make a school wide message over the P.A. system.

"Okay, then what?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

The Blue Haired Boy flinched, as another shard of glass was removed from his head. He then went on to tell them how the Brown Haired Boy didn't want the Green Haired Girl to go alone, and that he commanded him and the Red Haired Boy to at the very least, escort her to her destination.

"Well, that's common sense, no one should be by themselves in this school right now.. So then what happened?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked, as she pulled out more glass from the boy's head.

"I went on ahead after her, but he stayed back, I don't know what they talked about, but after a few minutes, he started following us like he was told to," the Blue Haired Boy explained.

"So he does follow orders, guess he's not as cool as me after all," the Purple Haired Boy beamed.

"... Who are you trying to fool?" the Blue Haired Boy asked.

Again, the Purple Haired Boy shot down.

Everyone around him laughed, except for the Silver Haired Girl, the Red Haired Girl, the Black Haired Boy, and the Purple Haired Girl.

"What happened after he caught up to you then?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

"He came into the room and attacked me!" the Blue Haired Boy said.

The Purple Haired Boy and the White Haired Girl both gasped.

"I.. Doubt very seriously that he just attacked you without being provoked," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"You don't believe me? I'm the one covered in blood," the Blue Haired Boy snarled.

"What if he's the killer.." the White Haired Girl asked, worriedly.

"He's not the killer," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"How can you know for sure?" the Purple Haired Boy asked.

The Silver Haired Girl went on to explain that the Blue Haired Boy never said anything about the Green Haired Girl dying, if the Red Haired Boy was the killer, and attacked the Blue Haired Boy unprovoked, then she would have made a school wide message stating so.

"O-Okay, what if he got to her first?" the Long, Pink Haired Girl asked, trying to get the group to discuss any and all possibilities.

"If that happened, then he would have had enough time to get away, and wouldn't be covered in blood," the Silver Haired Girl said, looking at the Blue Haired Boy. "Tell us the truth."

"You're right, she's alive.. Atleast she was when I left. I left before he did. I offered to stay, but he didn't want me to, because he said if I stayed, he would have to stay too.. He didn't want anyone to be left alone with just one other person, he didn't trust me." the Blue Haired Boy confessed.

"That's a little better, now would you care to explain why you insisted on staying with her?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

The Blue Haired Boy just looked down and didn't answer, but everyone knew what it meant. Almost everyone.

"You were going to kill her, weren't you?!" the Purple Haired Boy asked, horrified.

"No..?" the Blue Haired Boy said blankly, and they all sighed at the Purple Haired Boy's slowness to catch on to what everyone already understood.

"You're sick you know that? At a time like this, too.." the Black Haired Boy said.

The Blue Haired Boy shrugged his shoulders, "Anyway.. I wasn't going to leave, so he tried to make me."

"Tried? From the looks of it, he did make you," the Purple Haired Girl smirked.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed, and then went on to say what all went down, "Yeah.. he punched me, I kicked him, then he threw me into the wall. Then a bunch of framed portraits came crashing onto me, and cut my head open, then I left. Haven't seen either of them since," he finished.

The Blonde Haired Girl had just pulled the last piece of glass out of his head, and began wrapping the top of his head with bandages to make sure the wound wouldn't come in contact with anything that could get him sick. "All done," she smiled.

"Thanks," the Blue Haired Boy said, stretching. "So, are we just going to sit here 'til morning?"

"No, we just established a safe zone here, we were getting everything set up when you showed up, but I think everything's done now.. Do you have a weapon?" she asked.

"No, I don't," the Blue Haired Boy said. "After what happened, I came straight here, to.." he looked down.

"To what, to get one?" the Silver Haired Girl asked, shouting at him angrily.

No one had ever seen her angry, so everyone was a little scared.

"W-What? What are you talking about?" the Blue Haired Boy asked in a panic.

"You looked disappointed when you saw all of us here, you were going to get a knife from the kitchen and go after him, weren't you?" the Silver Haired Girl accused him.

"No! That's horrible, how can you accuse me of something like that?" the Blue Haired Boy asked, insulted.

"Take it easy.." the Black Haired Boy said, trying to calm her down.

The Silver Haired Girl sighed and started to relax. "I know how you are, that's how.. I'll be keeping my eye on you," the Silver Haired Girl warned him.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed, as he sat down at the cafeteria table with everyone else and joined them.

"You made a good decision, you're sticking with us, for a little while anyway, until my suspicions concerning you no longer exist," said the Silver Haired Girl.

"Whatever, I'll prove you wrong," the Blue Haired Boy said, glaring at her.

"Anyway," the Blue Haired Girl said, interrupting their little fight, trying to keep the peace. "Shouldn't we find out where everyone is and tell them to come to us? They'd be safer that way."

The Black Haired Boy nodded. "That's a good idea, how should we do it?" he asked.

"Well, we have a few options, but," the Silver Haired Girl said, then paused. She took her PDA out of her pocket and tried to turn it on, but it was dead. "It's safe to assume none of you have a charger, right?"

Everyone shook their heads, and then each of them checked their own PDA, but they were all dead.

"Damn, these things have the worst battery life," the Red Haired Girl growled, shoving the PDA back into her pocket.

"Okay, that didn't work, now what?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"Don't worry, I can think of two other possible plans, we can either go to the Secretary's Office and try to make a school wide announcement, which would then tell us whether or not she's still safe in there.. Or we can try to split up and find them all, then we can relocate here, it's up to you all to decide what we do," the Silver Haired Girl finished, giving them the two choices they'd need to decide on.
After a good five minutes of discussion passed, they had decided what they were going to do.

"Okay, we've decided.. We're going to search for them, if we use a school wide message, we'll risk ruining the safe area with the murderer finding out," the Black Haired Boy explained.

"Good call, that makes sense to me too, let's do it, but first.." before the Silver Haired Girl could even say 'get in groups' everyone took off in opposite directions.

"... I really need to be more assertive, don't I," the Silver Haired Girl muttered to herself before she sat up, and turned around to check out the area, everyone was gone except for the Blue Haired Boy.

"Why are you still here?" the Silver Haired Girl asked him.

"You accused me of being a murderer and said you wanted to watch after me, so I was either going to stick with you or help watch after the supplies to earn your trust," the Blue Haired Boy explained.

"... Actually, that's a really good idea, we'll both stay here," the Silver Haired Girl said with a smile, and sat back down at the table. "Oh, by the way.."

"Yeah? What's up?" the Blue Haired Boy asked.

"If you try anything with me like you did with her, I'll kill you myself," the Silver Haired Girl glared.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed and hung his head low.


The Orange Haired Girl looked all around the school, and was on the verge of giving up, but then she saw a flash of light fly by in the opposite direction coming in the next hallway.

"Hey, wait! Stop!" the Orange Haired Girl ran through to the next hall way where she found the Green Haired Boy.

"Oh, it was just you, you scared me," the Green Haired Boy said, dropping his guard.

"Heheheh, I finally found you, I win!" the Orange Haired Girl giggled crazily.

"Calm down, you're kind of scaring me.. Anyway what do you mean you found me? Why were you looking for me?... Did something else happen?" the Green Haired Boy asked.

"No, I was just told to come look for you, that girl.. oh, and someone else left after you to be sure you were safe, I don't remember who it was though," the Orange Haired Girl said with a laugh.

"I see.. Well, I need to go to the bathroom, so I'll be right back I guess, you can go tell who ever made you come look for me that I'm safe," the Green Haired Boy said as he turned around and began walking, but was stopped by a loud bang.
"What was that..?" the Green Haired Boy asked, looking around.

"I don't know.. Weren't you going to the bathroom?" the Orange Haired Girl said, causing the Green Haired Boy to jump.

"I forgot you were there.. Yeah I was going to go.. Can you come with me? I'm freaked out now," the Green Haired Boy said.

"Hell no, you pervert! That is so gross!" the Orange Haired Girl shrieked in disgust.

"... I mean't.. Just wait outside the bathroom, I'll hurry," the Green Haired Boy said, as he ran inside the boy's bathroom which was only about twenty feet away from where they were standing.

"I guess that's where he was running when I found him," the Orange Haired Girl said to herself as she walked over to the doorway and stood beside it.


The Green Haired Boy began walking to the other side of the bathroom to urinate when a stall door was shoved open, hitting the Green Haired Boy hard in the face, knocking him out.

The Green Haired Boy's head smacked loudly against the hard bathroom floor, and began bleeding, but he was unconcious and couldn't move.

The person that shoved the stall door open grabbed the Green Haired Boy by the ankles and dragged him inside the stall, where he was repeatedly stabbed until he bled to death.


About ten minutes had passed since the Green Haired Boy had entered the bathroom, and the Orange Haired Girl was begining to worry.

"He's taking forever, this is so boring just standing around, and it probably isn't very safe either.. I guess I should make sure he's still okay.. Wait, what am I saying? I hope nothing happened.. Okay, now I have to check on him.." the Orange Haired Girl said, who was probably worried for the first time in her life.
The Orange Haired Girl walked inside the boy's bathroom cautiously, and noticed the puddle of blood on the floor, which was left by the Green Haired Boy when he hit his head against the floor.

The Orange Haired Girl let out a scream at the sight of the blood and the Green Haired Boy's lifeless body which could easily be seen laying on the floor inside one of the stalls, but her mouth was quickly covered before any major noise could be let out.
The Orange Haired Girl struggled violently, but her attacker reached around her and stabbed her in the stomach with a knife and left it there. Her attacker then kicked her from behind, causing her to fall on the knife pushing it further into her stomach, killing her almost instantly. Her attacker then checked the hallway for any witnesses, then quickly fled once they were certain no one would see them leave the bathroom in a hurry.


The White Haired Girl and the Black Haired Boy ran back into the cafeteria, with something they had found while searching for others.

"What's up?" the Blue Haired Boy asked.

"We found this, it doesn't look good," the Black Haired Boy said, holding a small blue bow, covered in blood.

The Blue Haired Boy snatched the bow out of his hand and looked at it in terror after examining it closely. "She was wearing that before I left," his voice shook. "I left them alone.."

"... Do you think he did something to her?" the White Haired Girl asked, fearful of the Red Haired Boy.

"Of course he did, who else could do something like that?!" the Blue Haired Boy shouted.

"It's possible, I think we need to go on a search for him, and we also need to see if she's safe," the Black Haired Boy said.

"I don't believe he did anything, but we do need to make sure that she's okay, so let's hurry," the Silver Haired Girl said, as she stood up and stepped away from the cafeteria table. She and the Blue Haired Boy followed the Black Haired Boy and White Haired Girl to where they had found the bow.

"It was right here," the Black Haired Boy said, pointing at a small trail of blood on the floor which led behind a corner.

"Alright, well follow the trail," the Blue Haired Boy said, almost disgusted at the Black Haired Boy's lack of clue following skills, as he walked around the corner, and saw a big group gathered around eachother.

The Silver Haired Boy slammed the Boy wearing Sunglasses against the wall, and punched him in the face.

The Boy wearing Goggles ran over to the Silver Haired Boy and pulled him off of his cousin.

"Knock it off, he didn't do it!" the Boy wearing Goggles said, as he shoved the Silver Haired Boy away.

"Didn't do what?" the Black Haired Boy said as he, the Blue Haired Boy, the White Haired Girl, and the Silver Haired Girl walked towards the chaos.

The Brown Haired Girl, and everyone who had left the cafeteria was gathered around a body on the ground.

The mob surrounding the body moved out of the way so the four of them could take a look. The Green Haired Girl layed on the ground, motionless and covered in blood.

"... I knew it, I never should have left them together, this is my fault," the Blue Haired Boy sobbed, as he placed the bow in her hair where it was before.

"Left who together? You think that vampire did this too?" the Silver Haired Boy asked the Blue Haired Boy, while glaring at the Boy wearing Sunglasses who glared right back at him.

"No, I don't," the Blue Haired Boy said, and explained his story to the Silver Haired Boy, the Boy wearing Sunglasses, the Boy wearing Goggles, and the Brown Haired Girl.

"I see, so you think he did this?" the Silver Haired Boy asked.

"I do," the Blue Haired Boy said, sure of himself.

"Well, how do you explain this?" the Silver Haired Boy asked, pointing at two puncture marks on her neck. "These aren't like the ones on Satomi Naoko's corpse, these are the same size and shape as eachother. They're fang marks. Now look at him, his mouth is stained with blood. I found him hunched over her.. I caught him in the act of murder!"

The Purple Haired Boy, the White Haired Girl and the Long, Pink Haired Girl gasped loudly.
"No, you don't understand, I did drink her blood, but it's not how it seems," the Boy wearing Sunglasses said, defending himself.

The Silver Haired Boy pointed a knife at the Boy wearing Sunglasses and stared him down, intensely. "Start talking." As soon as the Boy wearing Sunglasses was about to talk, everyone heard a metallic noise of a locker opening down the hall, so they all looked to see who it was.

The Red Haired Boy grabbed two things out of locker and put one in each of his pant pockets. He then closed the locker with a loud bang and began walking towards the group. "Hey, what's going on here? ..And what happened to your head?" the Red Haired Boy joked, mocking the Blue Haired Boy's bandages.

"You! You did this!" the Blue Haired Boy shouted, in tears, and was going to charge at the Red Haired Boy but was held back by the group.

"You're going to accuse me, when this kid has a knife to someone's throat?" the Red Haired Boy asked, as he was still making his way to the group.

"I'm not a murderer, this vampire is, and he needs to start explaining himself before I make sure he ends up like his victim," the Silver Haired Boy shouted.

The Red Haired Boy reached into his pocket and pulled something out of it. He then put the object to the back of the Silver Haired Boy's head. "If you think killing him makes you a hero, you're wrong, whether he did it or not. You'd both be murderers, put the knife down, now."

"You're threating a guy with a knife? What a joke, what's in your hand anyway?" the Silver Haired Boy asked, as he turned around to a gun in his face. "Woah, are you fucking nuts?! Put that down!"

"You threatened to kill him. Anyone who can threaten to kill tonight will not be taken lightly, so put the knife away, now," the Red Haired Boy said.

The Silver Haired Boy complied, and slid the knife into his pocket.

The Red Haired Boy put his gun into his pocket and stood back. "Okay, now let him talk."

Everyone looked horrified that the Red Haired Boy actually had a gun in the school that he had access to, but he ignored their looks of judgement and suspicion.

The Boy wearing Sunglasses calmed down, then began to explain what happened. "Okay.. I heard talking from somewhere, so I was looking around to see where it was coming from, and I saw a trail of blood, coming out of the Secretary's Office and I was going to check it out."

"You mean you started craving blood, and were going to look for more," the Silver Haired Boy said angrily, accusing him further.

The Red Haired Boy gave the Silver Haired Boy a threatening glare, before turning back to the Boy wearing Sunglasses. "Continue."

"So I knocked on the door, and she opened it for me, said hi, and asked if everything was okay with me, she was perfectly fine then," the Boy wearing Sunglasses said.

"Then what?" the Red Haired Boy asked quickly, before anyone could interrupt the story again.

"I went in the room, and I said I was thirsty for blood, but I wasn't going to hurt her.. I told her that she didn't have to agree, but she said it was okay, so she let me," he said.

"Was he there, or anywhere near by?" the Blue Haired Boy interrupted, pointing at the Red Haired Boy.

"No, I didn't see him," the Boy wearing Sunglasses replied.

The Blue Haired Boy sighed. "Go ahead," he said, letting him continue with his story.

"After that, I left to look for everyone else, and then later I found her here covered in blood, so I picked her up and was checking for a pulse, but I didn't hear anything.. Then he showed up, assumed I was killing her, and came after me, but she was already dead," the Boy wearing Sunglasses said, finishing his story. "You've gotta believe me, man, I didn't do anything wrong.."

"I do believe you, don't worry.. He won't bother you.. Right?" the Red Haired Boy asked the Silver Haired Boy.

The Silver Haired Boy sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, we need to move her, I guess we can take her to the main entrance too," the Red Haired Boy said as he started to lift her, "Someone help me?"

The Boy wearing Sunglasses walked over and helped him lift her, as they both carefully carried her to the Main Entrance, but were stopped by a messy, bloody footprint that was coming out of one of the boy's bathrooms.

"More blood.." the Long, Pink Haired Girl shivered.

"Yeah, this is scary," the White Haired Girl said, as she shook in fear.

The Purple Haired Boy nodded, staring at the blood on the floor.

The Blue Haired Boy glared at the Red Haired Boy, and walked into the bathroom. The Silver Haired Boy followed closely behind him with his knife in hand, just in case.

"Damnit, why does this keep happening?!" the Blue Haired Boy shouted as he punched the mirror, shattering the glass, getting most of it stuck in his hand.

".. Do you like getting glass stuck in you? I'll fix it when we get back to the cafeteria, just please stop being stupid," the Blonde Haired Girl sighed, as she walked into the bathroom more, and screamed at the sight she saw.

The rest of them, except the three squeamish ones, went inside the bathroom to see what she was screaming about.

They found the Orange Haired Girl dead on the ground, bleeding from her stomach laying on the knife that was stuck in her, with another puddle of blood further into the bathroom.

The Brown Haired Girl immediately began crying at the sight of her best friend, who was brutally murdered. "How could this happen to you?! Who did this?!"

"It's too hard to say, that bloody footprint is too messy to be able to match a shoe to it," the Silver Haired Girl said.

The Blue Haired Girl sat beside the Brown Haired Girl and talked to her, trying to calm her down. "I'm sorry that this happened.. I promise we'll all make it out of this.. We'll be okay, don't worry.."

"No, it's not okay! She's dead, why don't you understand that?!" the Brown Haired Girl cried out, then ran out of the bathroom.

The Blue Haired Girl ran to the doorway and saw her leaving, but her caring personality couldn't let her leave the area, where there were more people grieving. "You three, go after her, make sure she doesn't get herself in to trouble, and hurry," she commanded, then went back into the bathroom.

The White Haired Girl, the Long, Pink Haired Girl, and the Purple Haired Boy all ran after the Brown Haired Girl, to ensure her safety.

"Okay, so what else did I miss?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

The Red Haired Girl, Blonde Haired Girl, and the Purple Haired Girl picked up the Orange Haired Girl and began to carry her out of the bathroom.

"We're taking them to the school's main entrance along with Mrs. Naoko," the Silver Haired Girl said, as she followed the girls who were carrying the body of the Orange Haired Girl.

"Them..?" the Blue Haired Girl asked worriedly.

The Boy with Goggles, the Gray Haired Boy, and the Black Haired Boy walked passed her carrying the body of the Green Haired boy, who had been found stabbed to death in one of the stalls.

"... Him too..? This is so awful," the Blue Haired Girl said to herself, as she followed them down to the main entrance where the Blue Haired Boy was writing on slips of paper with a pen that he had taken from one of the classrooms they had passed on the way. "What are you doing?"

"I'm identifying them for the police, it'll make their job easier," he answered, as he put a piece of paper under Satomi Naoko's crossed arms that had her name written on it.

The Blue Haired Girl nodded as she watched the Blue Haired Boy place another piece of paper in the same way on the Green Haired Girl, which indentified her as Yumi Sachiko.

"Here, let me help," the Blue Haired Girl said, as she did the same thing for the Orange Haired Girl, indentifying her as Hina Tsubasa.

"Thanks for the help," the Blue Haired Boy said, as he placed the final piece of paper on the Green Haired Boy, identifying him as Ryouichi Ryouta.

After all four bodies were identified and everyone had calmed down a bit, the Red Haired Boy spoke.
"What I want to know, is if he's supposed to be watching us, why isn't he telling us what's happening.. That's a little suspicious," he said, breaking the silence.

"That's true, that is a little weird, but I don't want to accuse him just yet," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"You accused me pretty damn fast," the Blue Haired Boy mumbled to himself, then spoke up, "Who are you two talking about?"

"Boss man is in the Security Office checking on all of us with the security cameras.." the Red Haired Boy explained, then turned to the Silver Haired Girl, "I tried texting you like he told me to, but then my PDA died.. but from the sounds of it, I'd say you got the text?"

The Silver Haired Girl nodded with a smile, but then her expression turned more serious. "I got it.. I think we should confront him about it."

"I guess that makes sense, let's go then," the Red Haired Boy said as he turned around but didn't move and let out a sigh.

"What's wrong? Everything okay?" they all asked in a hurry, the majority of them still couldn't get the image of his gun out of their mind.

"I don't know where it is.." the Red Haired Boy said.

"Oh, that's not a problem, I do," the Silver Haired Girl said. "Follow me."

They all followed the Silver Haired Girl to the Principal's Office, where the door was opened slightly. They all stopped at the door and looked at eachother.

"This isn't good, why would the door be opened if he thought there was a killer in the school, he's smarter than that," the Silver Haired Girl whispered.

After a minute of silence, the Red Haired Boy turned to the Silver Haired Boy and whispered, "If I apologize for earlier, will you promise to have my back?"

The Silver Haired Boy knew what he meant, and pulled the knife out of his pocket.

The Red Haired Boy removed the gun from his pocket, kicked the door all the way open and rushed in, waving his gun around while looking for the murderer, but all they found was the body of the Student Council President, their classmate and friend on the ground, laying in his own pool of blood with his throat slit.

They all stared in horror, at the scene, and the Silver Haired Boy and Red Haired Boy put away their weapons out of respect for him.

"Haruki, what happened to you..?" the Silver Haired Girl asked, in tears.

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