Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Third Hour.

"Oh no! This is horrible! Wait.. Who's still here?" asked the Purple Haired Boy.

"You idiot, you're so clueless, Satomi Naoko's murderer, of course," the Red Haired Girl snapped at him.

"Shit! That's not good.. Wait, didn't we already think that anyway?" the Purple Haired Boy asked.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, I just didn't want to believe it, but it appears it's true, so we'll have to be more careful, especially if it really is one of us," the Brown Haired Boy replied.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded in agreement and added, "What ever we decide to do, we should treat it like our meetings, and come up with ideas and vote on them."

"That seems like the only thing we can do at this point, let's just hope we get some good ideas," the Brown Haired Boy said.
Everyone was silent, no one wanted to speak up, until finally the Blonde Haired Girl decided to say something. "U-Uhm, I think we should go looking for any Security Clearance Cards that might have been left behind by the teachers, so we can get out," she said, pained, still hating the fact she's locked in the school for the night.

Some of the members agreed, most of them didn't.

"That's stupid, I doubt a teacher would just leave one laying around in plain sight, but even if they were stupid enough to do that, how many do you expect us to find? Only a few of us will be able to escape," said the Boy wearing Sunglasses."It's not stupid, it was just an idea, you don't have to be rude," the White Haired Girl said, trying to comfort the Blonde Haired Girl, but she just looked down at her feet in embarrasment.

"You're such an asshole, you know that? If you think her idea is stupid, what's your brilliant plan?" said the Blue Haired Girl, defending her friend.

"My plan? Okay, fine, I think we should split up and find the three that got away from the group, and be sure that they're safe," said the Boy wearing Sunglasses.

"A-Aren't you worried about us? If we split up to make sure they're safe, how safe are we?" the Long, Pink Haired Girl asked, shaking.

"It was the first thing that came to mind, I don't know what we're supposed to do about this," the Boy wearing Sunglasses shouted, frustrated that his brilliant idea was shot down so easily.

"Stop arguing. This isn't going to work, we're not going to find one solution we'll all agree on in such short notice, so we'll have to make separate plans, and then split up according to followers, we'll start with your plan," said the Brown Haired Boy, motioning towards the Blonde Haired Girl to ask for followers.
She nodded. "Okay, so who wants to come with me and look for Security Clearance Cards?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked the whole group.

The Blue Haired Girl, White Haired Girl, and the Long, Pink Haired Girl all walked over and stood by her.

"Alright, there's a group of four.. That should be safe enough for now, go off and go look for any of those cards, and if you find extras, you know how to reach us," the Brown Haired Boy instructed.

"Extras? What do you mean by that?" asked the Long, Pink Haired Girl.

"Well, he means that since your group is going to look for those, don't feel obligated to give any to the rest of us unless you find extra, if someone wants to be entitled to a Security Clearance Card, if found, they should join you," the Silver Haired Girl clarified.

After this explanation, without hesitiation, the Purple Haired Boy bolted over to their group, inviting himself in, which was followed by the four girls welcoming him.

"Okay, so it's five us now, should we go ahead and go?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"Yeah, go ahead, five people should be more than enough to keep you safe, but incase you run into trouble, contact me," the Brown Haired Boy said, giving them the okay to leave, and all five of them left the group in search of any Security Clearance Cards that would aid them in their escape of their imprisonment in the school.

"Okay, so now it's my turn, who wants to join me and help us find our friends to be sure they're safe?" the Boy wearing Sunglasses asked with a smile, while showing off his shimmering sunglasses.

"I'm sticking with my cousin," said the Boy wearing Goggles, happily.

"Those two are so goofy, let's join them for some laughs, it'll be entertaining," the Brown Haired Girl whispered to her friend.

The Orange Haired Girl nodded, and giggled. "Yeah, let's go." The two girls walked over to them and stood by waiting for instructions.

"That's good enough, go on ahead," instructed the Brown Haired Boy, allowing them to leave.

The four of them followed his commands and left in search of finding the three missing Student Council members.

"Alright then, who's next?" the Brown Haired Boy asked.

"I'll handle this next group," the Silver Haired Girl spoke up, then after a short pause, she began to explain what she planned to do," Okay, since our groups are now split up, we need to have a central point where everyone can go and relax. The cafeteria seems like a good place to start with, but first I want my group to come to the upstairs and downstairs Nurse's offices to find First Aid, I fear we'll be needing a lot of it," she added. "Then, when we're finished, we'll text everyone that the safe area is ready."

"That sounds like a good idea, okay, who wants to go with her and find supplies?" the Brown Haired Boy asked.
The Red Haired Girl, Gray Haired Boy, and Black Haired Boy walked towards the Silver Haired Girl and waited until they were given the okay to leave.

"I could use some relaxation, and maybe I can see if that nurse has any medicine that will keep me from being on edge," the Red Haired Girl said, explaining her reasoning for following the Silver Haired Girl.

"I feel like I created a mass panic with the way I handled telling everyone what I found, the least I can do is help out with supplies," the Black Haired Boy said, apologetically.

"Maybe I could tell jokes in the cafeteria to keep everyone's mood at ease? If anyone feels like laughing that is," the Gray Haired Boy suggested.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded and smiled, "Yeah, that sounds fine," she then turned to the Brown Haired Boy who wasn't coming over to her group,"You're not coming with us?" she asked him.

"No, sorry, you go on ahead, there's some things I want to research around the school for clues, don't worry about me, besides if I get into trouble, I'll text you," the Brown Haired Boy replied, reassuring her that he'd be fine without them.

"Alright, well, be careful then," the Silver Haired Girl said, before turning around and leaving with the rest of her group.

"Okay, what do you three expect to do? I know what I'm doing, and I need to do it alone," the Brown Haired Boy said.

The Green Haired Girl figured it was her turn to speak, "Oh, well since I'm the Secretary's Aid and everything, I was thinking maybe I could be in charge of making school wide messages through the P.A. System, I have the key to get in there and I can lock myself in by myself," she explained, stating that she'd be fine alone.

"Alright then, and you two?" the Brown Haired Boy asked the Red Haired Boy and Blue Haired Boy what they planned to do, and they both shrugged. He didn't expect much more than that anyway.

"Okay, just find something useful to do, if anything wait in the cafeteria until they return with supplies, but first, escort her to the Secretary's office, I don't want her going alone, got it?" the Brown Haired Boy commanded.

"Got it, boss," the Blue Haired Boy said with a smirk, and followed the Green Haired Girl to the Secretary's office.

"What are you going to do?" the Red Haired Boy asked angrily, demanding an explanation of what the Brown Haired Boy was planning on doing.

"Why do you need to know that? No one's around now, I don't have to hold my tongue in fear of what others might think of me, if you don't leave, I might have to start suspecting you of something, if people don't already," the Brown Haired Boy glared.

The Red Haired Boy gave the Brown Haired Boy a shove, pushing him into the wall, "I don't take people giving me orders or accusing me of anything lightly, tell me what you're doing or I'm doing whatever I feel like."

The Brown Haired Boy winced and pulled himself away from the wall. "Fine, if you must know, I'll be in the Principal's Office reviewing the types recorded from the security cameras, if anyone asks, you don't know where I am, the only person you should tell, and in secret of course, is the Vice-President, got it?" the Brown Haired Boy said sternly.

The Red Haired Boy nodded, satisfied with the explanation.

"Good, now hurry up, you've been standing here wasting time, if he was the killer, he'd have her alone and she'd be dead by now," the Brown Haired Boy scolded the Red Haired Boy, pointing out his mistake that he shouldn't have left her alone with the Blue Haired Boy, or anyone else when no one knows who the killer is.

The Red Haired Boy turned around and left in the direction the Blue Haired Boy and Green Haired Girl went in.

"That guy is such a prick, who let him in the Student Council anyway?" the Brown Haired Boy muttered to himself as he went back upstairs to the Principal's Office.

After arriving at the door, he pulled a small silver key out of his shoe, unlocked the door and let himself in. He then locked the door behind him and made his way to the security room on the left side of the office, and typed the security code into the key-pad. The electronic doors opened and quickly walked in and shut the doors behind them, resetting the lock.

The Brown Haired Boy then sat in the main chair and pressed a red button that turned on all the monitors showing the feeds from the security cameras. He then said to himself, "Alright then, let's get this search started."

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