Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Second Hour.

"She's dead? Well that would explain why she never showed up for the meeting," said the Purple Haired Girl coldly.

"H-How can you be so cold hearted..? She's dead, and you don't even seem to care," the White Haired Girl asked.

"That's probably because I don't care," the Purple Haired Girl answered as she walked down one of the hallways away from the rest of the group as the rest of them watched her from a distance.

"Isn't anyone worried that she just left after we found Mrs. Naoko's dead body? That's a little suspicious isn't it?" the Green Haired Boy asked.

"Not as suspicious as him finding the body," said the Red Haired Girl angrily as she pointed at the Black Haired Boy.

The Black Haired Boy looked deeply insulted, but said nothing in response.

"It's too early to suspect someone, don't start passing blame around just yet, alright? We need to investigate first," the Brown Haired Boy instructed.

"Early or not, I'm going to go keep an eye on her, you know my number, I'll text you if anything comes up," said the Green Haired Boy as he hurried off in the direction the Purple Haired Girl left in.

The Brown Haired Boy looked around the bloody Courtyard, which closely resembled some sort of battlefield, and noticed all of the worried faces of his dear friends and schoolmates.

"Look, don't worry about them, they'll be fine, let's just focus on what we have here, and we can look for any type of evidence that might tell us what's going on," the Brown Haired Boy said, hoping to calm everyone's nerves.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded as she carefully looked the body over for any clues while the Brown Haired Boy checked the teacher's jacket pockets.

"No luck, she doesn't have a Security Clearance Card with her," the Brown Haired Boy said as he stood back up and wiped his bloody shoes on the grassy Courtyard.

"So, we really are stuck here after all?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked with a sigh as she sat down on a bench and put her face in her hands.

"For now, hopefully we'll get lucky and find a Security Card that one of the other teachers stupidly left laying around," the Gray Haired Boy said.

The Green Haired Girl smiled and nodded in agreement at what the Gray Haired Boy had said.

"Wait, I have something here, look everyone," the Brown Haired Boy exclaimed, causing everyone to rush towards him.

"What is it?" asked the White Haired Girl worriedly.

"Puncture holes.." the Brown Haired Boy said as he pointed at the neck.

About this time, the Long, Pink Haired Girl and Purple Haired Boy had woken up and made their way over to the group avoiding the massive puddle of blood.

The Brown Haired Boy was pointing at two puncture holes in teacher's neck.

The Purple Haired Boy began to panic once again, "Oh god.. It was a vampire!" he shouted as he began pacing around the room in panic.

"Woah, don't blame this on me," the Boy wearing Sunglasses growled angrily.

The Purple Haired Boy blinked and stared at him blankly, "I said it was a Vampire.." he muttered quietly, in confusion.

"I'm the only Vampire here!" the Boy wearing Sunglasses shouted. "Why do you think I wear these?" he pointed at his dark black sunglasses. "The lights hurt my eyes."

After hearing this, everyone turned to his cousin for an explanation for his headwear.

"What? These? No, I'm not a Vampire, I just like the way they look," said the Boy wearing Goggles.

The Orange Haired Girl and Brown Haired Girl began laughing at the two boys again.

"It's not funny you two, I'm really a Vampire," said the Boy wearing Sunglasses, as he opened his mouth and revealed his fangs, causing some of the more worried students to step back, but the Silver Haired Boy stayed still and simply glared at him.

"We know you're not a Vampire, cut the shit, I don't have time for your childish games," said the Red Haired Boy angrily.

"Yeah, you didn't have those before, they're probably fake implants or something done by a dentist," the Brown Haired Girl said, half laughing.

The Orange Haired Girl began mocking him along side her friend, "Yeah, you're not a real Vampire."

"I am too, I got bit over the summer, that's why I didn't have them before!" the Boy wearing Sunglasses shouted, defending himself.

Half of the students laughed at him, the rest of them started to feel threatened by his presence.

During everyone's arguement, the Brown Haired Boy made another discovery about the body. "Don't worry everyone, these marks weren't made by fangs, take a closer look," the Brown Haired Boy reassured them and they all bent down to see what he was seeing.

The Brown Haired Boy pointed at each of the puncture holes and gave an explanation, "This one is small enough to be from a fang, but you can tell that it's deep and it's also slightly inflamed, it could be from a  syringe.. Some type of injection, like a sedative to knock her out.. Because the second wound is from a knife of some sort.. It may have slashed a major artery and caused her to bleed out, that's why there's all this blood everywhere, she was probably dead before she hit the ground, depending on when the cut was made and when she was stabbed with the sedative."

"So it's not a Vampire?" the Purple Haired Boy asked confused, as he regain his composure and came back to the group"

"So there really was a cold blooded murderer," the Boy wearing Goggles said, reassuring his cousin that he didn't need to feel defensive.

"I told you guys, I didn't do anything," said the Boy wearing Sunglasses.

The Brown Haired Girl and Orange Haired Girl both rolled their eyes and laughed. "No one thought you did anything anyway."

The Silver Haired Boy continued glaring at the Boy wearing Sunglasses and then stopped to say to the Brown Haired Boy, "I'm begining to grow worried about that Green Haired Boy, I'm going to go look for him."

"What... Okay, becareful, text us if you need help," the Brown Haired Boy wished him luck as the Silver Haired Boy left the area.

"We're three people down now, I don't like splitting up," the White Haired Girl said, shaking as she decided to sit on the bench with the Blonde Haired Girl.

The Long, Pinked Haired Girl and Blue Haired Girl decided to sit with the White Haired Girl and Blonde Haired Girl as they all began talking to eachother about something they could do to fix their problem.

"Well, I think that's everything we're going to find, let's move the body out of the way, it's kind of morbid just keeping it around with us," said the Brown Haired Boy as he moved the body towards the main entrance, causing a piece of paper to fall off of the corpse.

The Black Haired Boy picked up the fallen piece of paper and looked it over. "I got something here, look," said the Black Haired Boy.

Once he had everyone's attention, he began reading the note to everyone, "We will be locked in the school from the time our meeting ends, until Six in the morning when the school opens and the Security Guard unlocks the gate." After a long pause of letting it sink in to his mind, and everyone elses, he said, "That's all it says." He then handed it over to the Brown Haired Boy to ask for his thoughts of the note.

"What kind of clues can we get off of something like that?" the Blue Haired Boy asked. "It's printed, it's not like you can check handwriting samples by breaking into the rooms of the English teachers."

The Brown Haired looked up at the Blue Haired Boy and squinted, as if studying him. "Are you sure it's a student?" After no answer, he feared he possibly intimidated the boy, and began to explain what he learned from the note. "Unless this was a suicide note, I also agree, this was made by a student, but not just a student.. Someone from our meetings.. One of us," he said.

This time, everyone looked worried.

"Man, I hate school, everyday some stupid shit happens, and this is the worst so far.. This time I wasn't even going to show up," the Red Haired Boy said angrily.

The Silver Haired Girl sighed. "Continue," she nodded towards the Brown Haired Boy.

"I figured this out, because the note says 'We will be locked in the school from the time our meeting ends' So either Mrs. Naoko wrote it, or one of us did," he said. "Also, like he said," the Brown Haired Boy nodded to the Blue Haired Boy, "We can't check writing samples because it was typed, however, when you print a file, it shows on the bottom of the paper when and where it was printed," he said as he pointed at the bottom of the page where the file directory was.

"That's the Library Printer," said the Green Haired Girl, who was also the Secretary's Aid and had every printer number, phone number, and room number memorized.

"Good work, let's go, also, keep an eye out for those three that walked off, they don't know what we know, so they're in more danger than us, especially since they're not with a group, this was printed at 3:35, but the body was still warm, so this entire thing was planned out," the Brown Haired Boy said, warning everyone, as he led them towards the library.

"Aren't we all in danger? If Mrs. Naoko was really murdered by one of us, can we actually trust anyone?" the White Haired Girl asked.

The Purple Haired Boy nodded in agreement, and waited for a response.

The Brown Haired Boy sighed, he wasn't ready to answer something like that. "Just stay cautious and with a group of atleast three other people, and you should be fine," he said, trying to avoid the true answer he wanted to give.

There was no sign of the Purple Haired Girl, Green Haired Boy, or Silver Haired Boy anywhere, but they finally made it to the library.

"Now what?" the Red Haired Girl said impatiently. "Let's get in there and figure out who did this, I want to give them a piece of my mind."

"We can't go in there," the door's locked, the Red Haired Boy said, he felt the same way she did, but couldn't do anything about it without a way in the library.

"Oh, so that's why we stopped, that makes sense, we can't go in, so let's just stand here," the Red Haired Girl said, mocking what everyone was doing.

"That's.. not why I stopped," the Brown Haired Boy said. "I stopped because I've been proven right.. Something I hoped wouldn't happen.."

".. What are you talking about?" asked the Long, Pink Haired Girl.

The Brown Haired Boy then pointed at the window, smeared with blood, spelling out the message, "I'm still here.."

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