Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fourth Hour.

The Brown Haired Boy, with a pen in hand and a black notebook, watched each video feed carefully, and took notes on what he saw, and who he saw.First, he observed the downstairs nurses office, which was currently occupied by the Silver Haired Girl, Red Haired Girl, Gray Haired Boy, and the Black Haired Boy.


"Well, this isn't good, there's not a single First-Aid pack in this room," said the Black Haired Boy.

"Yeah, I can't find any over here either," said the Gray Haired Boy, shutting some wooden cabinets he had been searching.

"Damnit, this room is completely empty, except for all this mess," the Red Haired Girl said, pointing at an open box of syringes which had been spilled all over the floor, along with some liquid substance which came from a cylindrical container resting on the edge of the black marble countertop.

"What do you think that stuff is, anyway?" the Black Haired Boy asked, walking over to the Red Haired Girl.

"If the killer made this mess, that stuff is probably a sedative or some kind of toxin that was used on Mrs. Naoko," the Silver Haired Girl suggested. "In any case, there's nothing useful here, unless you want to try and gather some of that for safety and we can take it all back to the cafeteria."

"Good idea, let's get some," said the Red Haired Girl, who picked up a syringe, and filled it with the unknown fluid from the container. She then put the syringe in her purse and sealed the lid back onto the container.

The Gray Haired Boy then used a towel to clean the floor, and threw away all of the contaminated syringes.

The Black Haired Boy picked up the box of syringes, and took the container that held the unknown fluid aswell.

"Alright, now let's go upstairs and see if we can get any more supplies before heading to the cafeteria," the Silver Haired Girl said, as she led her team to the upstairs Nurse's Office.

The Brown Haired Boy finished taking notes on the first team, "They have syringes and whatever that liquid was, most likely some type of sedative, and now they're going upstairs.." He then made a final mental note and said to himself, "As far as I know, the only one currently armed would be her," he said, pointing at the Red Haired Girl with the tip of his pen.
"That's enough of them, for now, I'll check on the next team," he said, shifting the position of his swivel chair, turning to face the next camera, and proceeded to take more notes.


"Okay, our mission is simple, but dangerous, there's three people we have to find, but if we just look for one of them at a time, we might lose someone to the killer," said the Boy wearing Sunglasses, who was pacing back and forth infront of his team.

The Boy wearing Goggles nodded seriously, with a concentrated look on his face.

The Brown Haired Girl looked at them both, and back to the Orange Haired Girl and they both busted out laughing.

"Do you think this is game?! Do you?! This isn't supposed to be fun, we're locked in a school over night with a murderer! So why are you laughing?!" the Boy wearing Sunglasses shouted angrily.

The Brown Haired Girl and Orange Haired Girl couldn't help but laugh at him some more. "We came with you so we could have some laughs, you two are ridiculous, try and relax some, we'll find them," the Orange Haired Girl said to him.

"Yeah, lighten up, we'll come out okay as long as you don't act so serious all the time," the Brown Haired Girl said with a giggle.

The Boy wearing Sunglasses glared at them both before calming down to give them his game plan. "Alright, we're going to have to split up to find them, we have eachother's numbers, so if you find one of them, or get into any trouble, text one of us, and we'll come help you."

"Good idea, let's go," the Boy wearing Goggles said, saluting his cousin.

The Boy wearing Sunglasses started at him blankly, "And they said I needed to lighten up," he muttered before walking off.

The Boy wearing Goggles walked off in the opposite direction.

The Orange Haired Girl and Brown Haired Girl both giggled before also parting ways in different directions, leaving the entire group split up.


The Brown Haired Boy slammed his fist on the desk and kicked the wall infront of him. "Damnit, this is exactly what I didn't want happening.. Oh well, this was his idea, so if anything happens to one of them, he'll be the one I suspect," said the Brown Haired Boy, glaring at the monitor which contained the video feed showing the Boy wearing Sunglasses.

".. Anyway, I don't have time to watch all four of them right now, I need to watch the other groups before I check on them again," the Brown Haired Boy said to himself, as he turned towards a camera and noticed the Silver Haired Boy running down a hallway, and the Green Haired Boy running upstairs. The Brown Haired Boy then rushed to pull out his PDA and told the Boy wearing Sunglasses where he had seen the Green Haired Boy and Silver Haired Boy. He then proceeded to tell him to spread the information to his group, and left it alone after that.

He then turned to the next monitor and took notes on everything that was going on in the Secretary's Office.


The Green Haired Girl unlocked the door to the Secretary's Office with her key, pushed the door open and turned the lights on after stepping inside. "Thanks for coming with me, you two, you can go now, I'll be fine in here," she said with a smile.

"That's okay, I think I'll stick around a bit," the Blue Haired Boy said with a wink.

The Green Haired Girl blushed shyly and was going to reply, but was interrupted.

"No, if you stay here, I have to stay here, and I don't like doing things I don't have to," the Red Haired Boy explained, glaring at the Blue Haired Boy.

The Blue Haired Boy turned to him and smirked. "Well, you don't actually have to stay here, so if you don't like doing things you don't have to do, then just leave."

"You don't get it do you? You don't have a choice, I said I don't want to stay here, so I'm not going to," the Red Haired Boy frowned.

"Okay? Go then, and leave us to ourselves," the Blue Haired Boy said, looking back at the Green Haired Girl with a smile.

The Green Haired Girl enjoyed the flattery, but was begining to get uncomfortable with the arguement that was going on between the two boys.

"I'm not going to stay here, because you're going to leave!" the Red Haired Boy shouted, lunging at the Blue Haired Boy, swinging his fist at him and punching him in the side of the face, knocking him flat on the ground.

"Oh my god!" the Green Haired Girl shrieked in terror.

"So it's a fight you want, is it?" the Blue Haired Boy said, pulling himself up off the ground, and kicking the Red Haired Boy in the stomach.

"Oof.." The Red Haired Boy winced a bit, but quickly grabbed the Blue Haired Boy's leg before he could put it down.

"What the hell?! Let go of me!" the Blue Haired Boy commanded, punching the Red Haired Boy repeatedly.

The Red Haired Boy withstood the flurry of punches as he charged straight towards the wall, using the Blue Haired Boy like a battering ram, slamming him against it.

The wall shook, and several portraits fell off of the cabinet, and posters fell off the wall. A particular framed portrait came crashing onto the Blue Haired Boy's head, cutting it open slightly.

The Blue Haired Boy rubbed his head and found that he was bleeding pretty badly before pushing the Red Haired Boy away from him, "Dude, you are fucking insane, I'm out of here," the Blue Haired Boy shouted before running out of the room in pain, looking for someone to help him.

"Sorry I ran him off like that, if you wanted him to stay after all," the Red Haired Boy apologized.

"No, it's okay, he was starting to creep me out anyway," the Green Haired Girl said with a smile.

"... You're a terrible liar, you know that? Anyway, sorry you had to see all that. Goodbye." the Red Haired Boy said as he left the room, shutting the door behind him. He then went on his way to the cafeteria, in hope that he could finally find a place to relax.

"A liar? Damn him.." the Green Haired Girl said to herself, blushing embarrased. She then stood up, and locked the door securing her safety and proceeded to tidy up the mess that had been made.


The Brown Haired Boy smacked himself on the forehead. "What a couple of idiots, although I'm not surprised, that's pretty much what I expected to happen, atleast she's safe," the Brown Haired Boy said to himself, relieved that the Green Haired Girl got into the Secretary's Office unharmed.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out his PDA and texted the Blue Haired Boy the following message: "Go to the Cafeteria, supplies should be there very soon." The Brown Haired Boy then watched the Blue Haired Boy freak out on camera after getting the text, and he looked in every direction around him before rushing towards the cafeteria, paranoid, still holding his bloody wound.

"Oh right, I didn't tell him I was going to be watching him, that would freak anyone out," the Brown Haired Boy said, chuckling to himself, while texting a message to the Red Haired Boy which said: "Don't worry about that, you did what you had to do, just get to safety and try to avoid him from now on." The Brown Haired Boy watched the Red Haired Boy laugh to himself either because he was understood or because he was let off the hook so easily. The Red Haired Boy then texted someone else before putting his PDA back in his pocket, and making his way towards the cafeteria.

"I wonder who he was texting just now, it's too hard to tell, everyone's using their PDAs.. It's not that big of a deal anyway I don't think," the Brown Haired Boy said to himself, turning to the next monitor, showing the group looking for Security Clearance Cards.


"Has anyone found any yet?" the Blonde Haired Girl said, shutting the drawer of the teacher's desk in the room they were currently searching.

"No, not yet, I don't think we're going to find any in here, we're better off looking in a more high ranked office," said the Blue Haired Girl.

"Yeah, I can't find anything in here," said the Long, Pink Haired Girl.

All of a sudden, the White Haired Girl screamed and fell over, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and rush to her. Her hand was cut, and bleeding badly.

"What's wrong?! What happened?!" the Purple Haired Boy asked, in a panic.

The Blonde Haired Girl looked in the desk that the White Haired Girl had been searching and found a bloody knife. "Here's the culprit," she said, as she reached carefully into the desk and pulled out the bloody knife.

"It hurts really bad," the White Haired Girl cried in pain.

The Purple Haired Boy took off his jacket and wrapped it around the White Haired Girl's hand, snug enough to stop the bleeding but not tight enough to cut off the circulation.

"T-Thank you, that feels a little better," said the White Haired Girl, gratefully.

"I think I'm going to be sick," said the Long, Pink Haired Girl. "I hate blood.."

"... I don't mean to sound rude, but we can't just sit around and wait for everyone to feel better, we need to keep searching," said the Blonde Haired Girl as she stood up and made her way to the door.

"She's right, we can't just accept that we're going to have to stay here over night, we need to find a way out of here," the Blue Haired Girl said as she stood up and walked out of the classroom, following the Blonde Haired Girl, when suddenly they saw a few familiar faces.

"Hey! How are you guys doing?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"Oh, hi! We're still looking for Security Clearance Cards, but one of us got hurt," the Blonde Haired Girl replied, showing the bloody knife.

"All of the blood is fresh though, so I don't think this was the murder weapon, we just happened to find it," the Blue Haired Girl added.

"Fresh? If there's fresh blood on it, then it has to be the murder weapon," the Gray Haired Boy said, confused.

"No, I cut my hand on it, it's my blood," the White Haired Girl said, still shaking in shock from the pain.

"Oh, okay that makes more sense, then," the Gray Haired Boy said with a smile.

The Long, Pink Haired Girl limped out of the classroom, with her arm over the Purple Haired Boy's shoulder.

"What happened to her? Your group is a mess," the Gray Haired Boy joked.

"She can't stand the sight of blood, so she doesn't feel well," the Purple Haired Boy said, as he assissted the Long, Pink Haired Girl in walking.

"She can't walk?" the Red Haired Girl asked.

"My legs feel like jello everytime I see blood," the Long, Pink Haired Girl whimpered.

The Red Haired Girl shrugged her shoulders and turned back. The Silver Haired Girl had just arrived with First-Aid.

"Oh, so you found some more of us.. That's good, let's all go to the cafeteria and while we're there, we'll take another look at that wound, just to be safe," the Silver Haired Girl said to the White Haired Girl.

The White Haired Girl smiled and nodded, "That'd be nice, thank you."

"Do you want me to bring this?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked, holding up the knife.

"... As much as I don't want to say it, we're trapped in the school over night with a murderer, something like that definitely counts as a supply," the Silver Haired Girl answered, with regret in her voice.

The Blonde Haired Girl nodded, as she carefully carried the knife so that the bloody blade didn't make too much of a mess, as they all walked back to the cafeteria, they were stopped by someone blocking the path leading to a dark hallway ahead, but they were facing the wrong way.

"H-Hey, who is that up there?" the Silver Haired Girl whispered.

"It's too dark over there to see them, I can't tell who it is," the Purple Haired Boy said.

"I can't either, let me ask," the Black Haired Boy said, but was interrupted.

"Hey! Who are you? Show yourself, coward!" the Red Haired Girl shouted.

"That was tactful," the Gray Haired Boy said sarcastically.

The person then turned around and walked into the lit hallway. "Hey, what's up?" the Purple Haired Girl said.

"Hey! We found you, that's great, we wondered where you had run off to," the Blonde Haired Girl said.

"Yeah, I figured if there was actually a killer in the school, that I should go look for supplies instead of just standing around waiting for things to happen," the Purple Haired Girl said, explaining why she left.

"If you waited a bit longer, you could have been safer, we all split up into groups to find different supplies," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"Sorry about that, I just wanted to be prepared sooner," said the Purple Haired Girl, sliding a knife into her pocket as she walked towards the group.

"She has a knife, don't let her join us, she's dangerous," the White Haired Girl whispered, shaking.

"I heard that," the Purple Haired Girl said, rolling her eyes. "I said I was looking for supplies, and I needed this to defend myself, besides.. Your group has a knife too," the Purple Haired Girl said, then she added, "There's nine of you, and there's one of me, do you honestly think I'd pick a fight with you, even if I was the killer?"

"She's right, she isn't a threat.. So, will you come with us?" the Silver Haired Girl asked, throwing everyone's suspicions out the window.

The Purple Haired Girl nodded, "Sure, I'll come with you," she said, as she followed them to the cafeteria.


"Okay, everyone's accounted for.. At the moment, I can't say which one of them is actually the killer just from watching them like that," the Brown Haired Boy said, thinking to himself. He then let out a sigh, "I was hoping I didn't have to make it so easy, but it looks like I don't have any other choice if I want everyone else to stay safe."
The Brown Haired Boy put his pen down, got up and walked over to a small cardboard box filled with cassette tapes. "Each one of these tapes contain a full hour of footage, so if I look through these, I'll eventually find out what happened, and who did it. The Brown Haired Boy looked for the tapes that recorded what had taken place, regarding the murder, but he found nothing between the hours of 5 and 6.

"I can't find them anywhere.. That's not good, it should be in this pile, the recorder spits out hourly tapes into that box, and the 5 o' clock tape for today is gone. That must've been when the murder took place.. but if it's really gone, then someone had to have taken it," the Brown Haired Boy thought to himself, and then began to break out in a nervous sweat. "Could the killer have taken it to try and get away with murder? If so, they know how to get in here, and I'm alone.."

The Brown Haired Boy's thoughts were quickly interrupted by a loud bang above him. "What was that..?" the Brown Haired Boy thought to himself as he looked around the room for a weapon and picked up the Security Guard's Night Stick. "Why did the guard leave this here? Oh well, that's not important, I may need it now," the Brown Haired Boy muttered and walked towards the door.

He then unlocked the door from the inside, and pushed it open. He scanned the room left and right from the doorway, but didn't see anything. "It must've been the air conditioner or a big rat," the Brown Haired Boy joked, as he walked into the room, but was grabbed from behind by someone wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up.

"Hey! Get off me!" then Brown Haired Boy shouted as he struggled, but no one could hear him, his mouth was already covered by the hooded figure. The Brown Haired Boy continued to kick and squirm, but it was no use. With the hold on the Brown Haired Boy slipping, the hooded figure pulled a knife out of the sweatshirt's main pocket, with a free hand, and stabbed the Brown Haired Boy several times in the stomach and chest before pushing him into the Principal's desk. The Brown Haired Boy yelped in pain, but pulled himself up, ready to fight. He knew no one was going to hear him or come to his rescue.

He picked up the Security Guard's Night Stick and ran at his attacker, swinging wildly, but the hooded figure easily side-stepped the assault and got behind him. The hooded figure raised his knife to the Brown Haired Boy's throat and slashed it wide opened. The Brown Haired Boy tried to scream, but no noise was made. Blood flooded out of the boy's body as he hit the floor, and in seconds, he was dead.

The hooded figure walked inside the Security Office and picked up the black notebook. After looking over the notes, the hooded figure pulled off the sheet of paper that contained the notes the Brown Haired Boy had taken before his death, and shoved them in the sweatshirt's main pocket. The hooded figure then hid the knife that was used to kill the Brown Haired Boy in the Principal's desk, then quickly left the room without making another sound after checking the cameras and seeing that no one was around to see anyone leave the office Principal's Office, and erasing any footage of what he had just done.

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