Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Seventh Hour.

The Silver Haired Girl set Haruki down, next to the other bodies near the main entrance, using the moonlight that shined through the windows as her guide to be sure he was put down safely.
"I'm sorry this happened to all of you, I promise we'll get who ever is responsible for putting you through this," she said, as she took out a sheet of paper and wrote down Haruki's full name to identify him. She then put down the piece of paper that identified him as Haruki Rokurou next to him, and searched his body for the notes that he had been taking in the security room, but she didn't find anything."I guess the killer really did take the notes," she thought to herself. "This should be easy, if they were stupid enough to hold on to it.." She then stood up and heard loud footsteps rushing towards where she was, and they were growing louder.
"I can't tell who that is in the dark, it's not safe to just be sticking around, I have to get out of here and get to the cafeteria, fast," she thought to herself as she ran in the opposite direction, taking the long way to the cafeteria. The footsteps finally died down and ended with a loud metallic slam of the main entrance doors.
"Did someone just escape... Or did someone else come in? I can't tell in the dark.." she said to herself. Right after that, the lights snapped on, making a crackily noise as the fluorescent lights flickered shyly before staying still.
"At least I can see now,  and no one's over there so I guess someone did escape.. That'll make things easier," she said as she made her way back to the cafeteria, where she found the Boy wearing Sunglasses standing in the middle of the cafeteria.

"Hey, what are you doing here alone, where is every one else?" she asked.

"They all went down to the basement so they could turn the lights back on," he replied.

"Okay, then why are you here..?" she asked him.

"I was told to, the group decided it would be best if I stayed here and watched after the supplies for everyone," he answered, explaining why he was there.

"Really? Who's idea was that?" she asked, as she would grow suspicious of whoever thought splitting the group up would be a good idea.

"I-I don't actually remember, sorry," he stuttered.

"Well, that's fine then, I guess I'll just let you stay here," she said as she walked away thinking to herself, "He seemed nervous.. He's either protecting someone, or he's up to something... Maybe he's being threatened not to talk? It's too soon to tell," she thought to herself as she walked towards the basement.
As she approached the steps leading to the basement, she saw the Black Haired Boy and Gray Haired Boy exiting the basement while carrying a body.

"W-Who is that?" she asked as she watched them carry the body of the Purple Haired Boy in silence to the main entrance to be identified.

"Yuudai Kohaku, you too..?" she thought to herself, trying to shake off that all of her closest friends are dying around her as she walked into the basement to see everyone and ask what happened.

The Long, Pink Haired Girl was hysterical, crying and yelling, while the Blue Haired Girl was trying to keep her calm.

Everyone else was huddled around the circuit breaker, looking at what seemed to be another note.

"What's wrong with her?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

"She saw him get killed," the Blue Haired Girl answered with a whisper, so she wouldn't upset the Long, Pink Haired Girl again.

The Long, Pink Haired Girl wiped tears out of her eyes and stared at the ground.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," the Silver Haired Girl said, sympathetically. "Could you tell me what happened, if you're comfortable talking about it?"

The Long, Pink Haired Girl went on to explain that she and the Purple Haired Boy went down to the basement to turn on the lights, then the Brown Haired Girl, Ayako Kiyoko ran out of the basement, and smashed the Purple Haired Boy in the head with a metal baseball bat and ran towards the main entrance. The Silver Haired Girl looked over at the floor behind them and saw a bloody metal baseball bat with small tuffs of purple hair following her story.

"Yeah, I think I saw her, or at least I heard her," the Silver Haired Girl said, and then told them that she had heard footsteps running towards where she was when she was setting Haruki down at the main entrance, and once she was at a safe distance from the door, she heard the doors slam.

"So, she did escape, do you think she went to get help?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"I honestly doubt it, if Ayako was out of her mind enough to do what she did to Yuudai, I doubt she's in the right state of mind to be thinking about us," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"Do you think she killed Hina too, so she could pretend freak out and break away from us so she could escape?" the Black Haired Boy asked, as he and the Gray Haired Boy entered the basement again.

"I don't think so, she wouldn't gain anything by killing Ryouichi because they weren't very close, so most likely she would have avoided harming Hina while she and Ryouichi were near eachother.. Plus they shared the same type of wounds that Haruki had, and I don't think Ayako could get to Haruki and overpower him by herself.. I think Yuudai dying was just an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, if he wasn't there, when Ayako was trying to escape, I don't think he'd have been killed."

"He could have lived, but he went in the dark, just to turn the lights back on for all of us and got killed for it.. I guess Yuudai was pretty brave after all," the Gray Haired Boy said.

They nodded, then turned to the group looking at the note the rest of the group had. "What's that?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

The Boy wearing Goggles and the Blonde Haired Girl showed her a dusty piece of paper that said in blood; "Next time, don't split up."

"It also had this by it," the Blonde Haired Girl said, showing Yumi Sachiko's blue hair bow.

"... A taunt, her killer is cocky," the Silver Haired Girl thought to herself. "Or maybe it was the other killer..?" her thoughts accidently became audible, and everyone around her looked stunned.

"There's two killers?!" the Long, Pink Haired Girl screeched.

"It's possible; other than Yuudai, which we've declared as an accident, there's been two types of murders.." the Silver Haired Girl answered.

"The gorey ones," the Boy wearing Goggles said, mentioning the bloody murders of Haruki Rokurou, Ryouichi Ryouta, and Hina Tsubasa.

"Right, and the other type involves the syringes with some type of injection, like Mrs. Naoko.. and possibly Yumi Sachiko, too, right?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded.

"I thought the Vampire killed Yumi?" the Long, Pink Haired Girl asked.

"No.. I have reason to believe that he's being framed," the Silver Haired Girl replied.

"I knew it!" the Boy wearing Goggles yelled happily, in celebration that his cousin was believed to be innocent by someone other than himself.

"Framed? How so?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked.

"Mrs. Naoko's wounds were different sizes and shapes, but two puncture holes were made to suggest that a 'vampire' did it.. But after Haruki pointed out that the wounds didn't appear to be from fangs, it was almost like the killer went out of his or her way to make them the same size and shape on Yuki, as if to reinforce the theory that a 'vampire' did do it, which he wouldn't do," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"Well that makes sense, so you think there's two killers, the brutal one, and then the one who is framing the 'Vampire'?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"Yes, I do, and we should probably get out of here and find everyone else, before something else happens," the Silver Haired Girl said, as she watched the Boy wearing Goggles, the Gray Haired Boy, the Black Haired Boy, the Blue Haired Girl, the Blonde Haired Girl and the Long, Pink Haired Girl leave the basement.

"Although it could be one killer, trying to make it seem as if there are two killers to throw off our thinking.. Either way, there's at least one killer in the school that needs to be found before more damage can be done," she thought to herself as she followed them out of the basement in search of the rest of the student council members.

When she arrived at the entrance to the basement, everyone that had left ahead of her was there, waiting.

"So what should we do first, split up and look for everyone that's still alive and gather them together?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked. She was beginning to get desperate, having lost possibly her only chance of escape when Ayako Kiyoko took escaped the school with a Security Clearance Card.

"I think it would be a pretty good idea to gather them together, it's been hours since we've all been in the same place.. In fact, I don't think we have all been in the same place which is probably why everyone keeps getting killed," the Gray Haired Boy said. His usual humor faded, he was tired, and frustrated like the rest of them.

"You're not acting like your usual self, I think you should take a break in the cafeteria," the Blue Haired Girl said to him. She was still going out of here way to make sure everyone was calm and in the right state of mind.

"No, I'm fine, don't worry about me, she needs help more than I do," the Gray Haired Boy answered, motioning towards the Long, Pink Haired Girl who was still in a daze.

"How about we all just go down there, and collect our thoughts before we do anything?" the Silver Haired Girl suggested.

"I guess that would be fine, I could use a break, and some food.. Think the cafeteria has anything to eat?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"Probably not but it's worth a try, let's go," the Silver Haired Girl said, leading them to the cafeteria.

The Boy wearing Goggles followed them and asked, "Have any of you seen my cousin?"

Everyone shook their heads no, but the Silver Haired Girl had a different answer. "Yeah, he said someone told him to watch over the cafeteria for everyone, I was meaning to ask if any of you heard who might have said that?"

The Black Haired Boy looked around the group but no one had an answer. "I didn't hear anything either, sorry," he said.


While all of that was going on, the Boy wearing Sunglasses sat at one of the cafeteria tables while tapping his feet on the ground as he waited patiently at the cafeteria for anyone to show up to keep him company.

"Where is everyone? I don't like being here by myself, it's not safe," he muttered to himself, beginning to get a little freaked out.

All of a sudden he heard a loud metallic bang, and the sound of a door creaking open.

"What was that noise?" he asked himself, as he felt a cold breeze coming from the other side of the cafeteria. "It's probably just the air conditioner coming on, it's kind of cold in here," he said to himself as he began to shiver.

After a few minutes of sitting in the cold, he decided to see if he could do something about it and got up walking towards the source of the breeze when he noticed the steel door for the meat freezer was open. "Well, that's probably why it's so damn cold.. How did it get opened anyway?" he said to himself as he walked over to the door to close it.
As he approached the frosty steel door, he noticed a large puddle of blood on the floor of the freezer. "What the hell..? That's not good," he said as he rushed over to the entrance of the freezer, and noticed the lifeless body of the White Haired Girl; Airi Kasumi, laying on the floor.

"Airi?! What happened?!" he yelled as he ran towards her and checked her body over for a pulse, but she was dead.
She had been stabbed repeatedly, and had an injection wound on the side of her neck which he assumed occurred first.
He bent down and started to pick her up when he noticed someone standing at the door in a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, causing his heart to sink.

"No, not like this.. Damnit!" he cried out as he set Airi Kasumi down and ran towards the door, but the hooded figure shut the door, cutting off any sound of him shouting from inside the meat freezer. "I'm going to die in here.. my PDA's battery is dead so I can't tell them I'm in here.." he said to himself as he stood up and started walking around to keep up his body heat, before he was frozen.


"Did you hear that yelling? It sounded like my cousin.." the Boy wearing Goggles said to the group.

The Long, Pink Haired Girl nodded, but she was at the back of the group so no one saw her answer.

"I didn't hear anything," the Black Haired Boy answered.

"I didn't either," the Gray Haired Boy said.

"You're probably just hearing things," the Blonde Haired Girl said.

"It's understandable, this situation is enough to drive anyone insane," the Blue Haired Girl said, trying to keep him from feeling attacked. By that point, they had all made it to the cafeteria, but it was

"Well, he was here when I came by earlier," the Silver Haired Girl said. As she walked further into the cafeteria she felt the temperature change drastically.

"Do you feel that?" she asked. "It's freezing in here.."

"Yeah, I feel it, do you think it's the air conditioning?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"No way, it's too cold for that to be coming from the air conditioner," the Boy wearing Goggles answered.

They all looked up at the air conditioner unit above them, but it didn't seem to be putting out any cold air.

"I don't think it's the air conditioner, it doesn't feel any different that it normally does, it's probably something else," the Gray Haired Boy said.

"Well, I didn't feel the shift until we came into the cafeteria, so let's look around here?" the Long, Pink Haired Girl suggested.

"Okay, I'll be over here then," the Blue Haired Girl said as they all split up and began to look around the cafeteria for any holes in the wall, fans, or any thing else that would explain why they felt like they had just walked into a winter wonderland.

The Boy wearing Goggles walked deeper into the cafeteria until he reached the kitchen area which was behind some counters that were usually off limits to students during the day. "It's getting colder back here, come on!" he called out, making everyone rush to where he was as he continued his search for the chilling wind.

"Of course, the meat freezer.. Where they keep the 'meat surprise' for weeks on end before the decide to feed it to us," the Gray Haired Boy joked and everyone laughed.
They all knew how bad the school lunches were, so his made up scenario didn't seem to far from the truth.

"Kidding aside, that shouldn't be putting out cold air unless it's opened, which it's not.. So it must have been opened at some point, right?" the Silver Haired Girl asked.

"Yeah, probably, should we open it just in case?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"What if someone's trying to hide in there? We should just leave them alone," the Long, Pink Haired Girl said.

"Yeah, and what if it's the killer hiding in there? Would you just leave them alone too?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked angrily. Her temper was beginning to get to her, as she was still feeling sore about Ayako taking a Security Clearance Card for herself.

"Don't argue, there's no point in fighting... Besides, you're a nurse in training aren't you?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"Yeah, I am, why?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked, confused.

"Then you should know if someone was in there, they wouldn't last very long, they'd freeze to death. The longer we sit here and argue about it, the less likely we'll recover who ever is in there, if there is any in the first place, but it's better to just check to see, isn't it?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"I guess you're right, let's open it up then," the Blonde Haired Girl said, as she walked towards the large steel door with the rest of the group.
She reached out and grabbed the ice cold door handle and gave it a tug, but the door barely budged. "I'm going to need a little help," she said, discouraged that she couldn't open the door.

They all grabbed a hold of the door's handle and tugged as hard as they could, opening the door completely. None of them would be prepared for what they would find.

"No! More blood!" the Long, Pink Haired Girl shouted, as she ran back to a trash can before she threw up on the floor.

"Uh oh.. I'll go be with her," the Blue Haired Girl said, following the Long, Pink Haired Girl to the trash can.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded as she walked into the freezer.

"You all go with her, I'll keep the door open," the Black Haired Boy said, as he held the door pressed against the wall.

"Hurry in here, I need help!" the Silver Haired Girl shouted.

"What is it?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked as she made her way into the freezer, with the Boy wearing Goggles and the Gray Haired Boy not far behind.

"She's wounded badly, but he doesn't have any markings, we might be able to save him," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"D-Daisuke..?" the Boy wearing Goggles muttered to himself, looking down at his cousin.

"Hurry up and help us, or he's going to die!" the Blonde Haired Girl shouted at the Boy wearing Goggles.

"Forget him, let's just see what we can do," the Gray Haired Boy said, as he picked up the White Haired Girl and took her outside of the freezer and into the cafeteria.

The Blonde Haired Girl and the Silver Haired Girl both picked up the Boy wearing Sunglasses, and brought him over to where the White Haired Girl had been placed.

The Blonde Haired Girl quickly checked for a heart beat, or any signs of breathing, but they were both completely still.

"We were too late, I can't get anything from either of them.. I'm sorry," the Blonde Haired Girl apologized.

After hearing the bad news, the Boy wearing Goggles screamed and ran off in a rage, vowing revenge for who ever killed his cousin.

"... I did what I could," the Blonde Haired Girl said, looking down and shaking.

"We know you did, don't let him get to you, he's just upset.. We all are," the Blue Haired Girl said, as she walked towards the group after making sure the Long, Pink Haired Girl was comfortable again.

"So, what do we know?" the Black Haired Boy said, closing the freezer door as he walked to where everyone was gathered.

"Airi was probably killed before she was ever placed in the freezer.. She has taser burns on the back of her neck, injection wounds on her neck, and stab wounds everywhere," the Blonde Haired Girl said.

"My bet is the stabbing was over kill, and the injections were a safety procaution," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"How do you figure?" the Gray Haired Boy asked.

"I think so too.. You saw how shaky she was this whole time, her adrenaline was pumping like crazy.. A taser shock would have probably induced a heart attack, which probably could have killed her on it's own without medical help," the Blonde Haired Girl said.

"That's a nasty way to go.. What about him?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"The killer probably placed Airi in the freezer to lure Daisuke in there to get rid of them both," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"Why would someone be trying to wipe us out?" the Long, Pink Haired Girl asked.

"I don't know, but for now, let's take these two down to the main entrance and find 'goggle boy' before he starts a killing spree too," the Gray Haired Boy joked, as the six of them carried Airi Kasumi and Daisuke Ryouta to the main entrance with the rest of the corpses for identification.


The Red Haired Boy walked around the school with his hands in his pockets and saw the Silver Haired Girl and her group at the main entrance.

"... I don't want to deal with them right now, I should probably find someone who trusts me first.. I need to find those four that didn't vote for suspects," he said to himself as he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction when he noticed someone walking behind him with a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up.
The Red Haired Boy kept his head down, looking out of the corner of his eye until his pursuer was too close for comfort. "Need something?" he asked.
The figure spoke, it was the voice a familiar teenage male, but the Red Haired Boy couldn't recognize it that easily. "Take your hands out of your pockets. We'll walk and talk.. If you alert anyone of my presence I will tear you to pieces," the boy threatened, holding a knife to the Red Haired Boy's back as they walked.
The Red Haired Boy's eyes narrowed and took his hands out of his pockets. "You would have killed me by now if I was anyone else, you must know that everyone suspects me of murder, which is why you've decided to keep me around, right? You figure they'll suspect me instead of you if I'm not found dead.. Yet, you don't want me to even turn around, so you must have seen me pull out my gun before.. That makes things easier to narrow down," the Red Haired Boy said.

The hooded male didn't respond. "Turn left," the boy commanded with an irritated tone, forcing the Red Haired Boy into a darker hallway. "Good, now go in that room," he said, as he tucked the knife into his front pocket of his jeans.

The Red Haired Boy stood still then turned around to throw a punch, but the hooded male suspected something like that from him, and punched the Red Haired Boy hard in the mouth, causing him to fall back against the wall and slide down to the floor.

The hooded male grabbed the Red Haired Boy by the hair and hit him hard in the face with his knee. He then punched and kicked him repeatedly, until the Red Haired Boy fell unconcious.

"Arrogant little shit," the hooded male said, as he opened the door and kicked the Red Haired Boy into the storage closet. He then proceeded to tie the Red Haired Boy's hands together infront of him and pulled the gun out of his pocket. "Looks like I'll be able to frame you after all, he said as he gave the Red Haired Boy another kick, pocketed the gun, and fled out into the school again.

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