Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sixth Hour.

Everyone in the Principal's Office was stricken with grief, and frozen in fear.

"Why would someone target Haruki? He's never done anything to hurt anyone," the Silver Haired Girl sobbed.

"He shouldn't have gone off alone, this could have happened to anyone," the Purple Haired Girl said.

"Don't talk about it like it was Haruki's fault, it shouldn't have happened to him, he didn't tell anyone where he was going," the Blue Haired Boy shouted at her.

"That's not entirely true.. You said you knew where Haruki was, didn't you?" the Silver Haired Boy said, looking over at the Red Haired Boy.

"He told me where he would be, and I told her, like he told me to" the Red Haired Boy said, looking over at the Silver Haired Girl. "But.. That doesn't mean I know where he actually was."

"What sense does that make? You just said that he told you where he was," the Blue Haired Boy said, as he started walking towards the Red Haired Boy with his fists shaking.

"He told me he would be in the Security Office, that doesn't mean I knew where it was," the Red Haired Boy said.

After some time of crying, the Silver Haired Girl returned to her usual calm self. "He's right. Anyone who knew where this room was could have done it."

"Yeah, but how would they know that Haruki was in the room?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"They wouldn't have to," the Silver Haired Girl said, then went on to explain, "There were four victims before we even found Haruki, how do we know that the killer didn't come by here to erase the footage of their killings so they wouldn't get caught, and then ran into Haruki by mistake?"

"... So you're saying that it could be any of us, still?" the Blue Haired Girl asked, worriedly.

"It looks that way," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"So were not any closer to figuring out who's doing this.. Great," the Gray Haired Boy sighed.

"No, I'm afraid not," the Silver Haired Girl replied.

"How do we figure it out then?" the Boy wearing Goggles said, as he adjusted his goggles carefully.

"Like a detective would, we need clues, and suspects," the Silver Haired Girl replied.

"Well, I have my suspects, of course," the Silver Haired Boy said, looking around the room.

"Yes, and I have mine," the Silver Haired Girl replied.

Everyone's ears perked up, excited to hear who she thought was behind all of this.

"Here's how we'll do it, we'll each get a piece of paper, and write down the names of our suspects, then I'll compare them and watch that person very carefully, until they slip up, then we'll have them pinned," the Silver Haired Girl explained.

"You'll compare them? What about us? We're all in this too, that isn't very fair," the Boy wearing Goggles complained.

"Be quiet, it's the best way to do this, she's the President now, she makes the rules," the Boy wearing Sunglasses said, scolding his cousin.

"Oh, that's right.. Who will you appoint as Vice-President?" the Blonde Haired Girl asked excitedly.

"I'll decide that soon, but it won't be you.. I don't mean that meanly, you're already in charge of tending to everyone's wounds, I don't want to give you two jobs," the Silver Haired
Girl explained. "You understand right?"

"Oh, yeah of course, I get it! No problem," the Blonde Haired Girl said with a fake smile, but she felt as if she just died a little inside.

"Anyway, let's get started," the Red Haired Girl said, impatiently.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded and picked up the small black notebook that Haruki was using to take notes. She opened it up and noticed one of the pieces of paper was sloppily ripped out, unlike the others. "He must have been taking notes on us while he watched us.. This page was taken out in a hurry, the killer must have seen it as a threat.. If I don't find notes on Haruki, who ever has these notes must have done it," the Silver Haired Girl thought to herself. Her thinking was interrupted by the impatient stares of her fellow Student Council Members. "Oh, right, sorry..I was just thinking" she said, as she passed out a piece of paper to everyone. "Just take a pen out of the cup," she said, pointing to a cup of pens on the Principal's desk.

"We'll have to save four of the sheets of paper won't we? There's only twelve of us here, four of us are still missing," the Blue Haired Girl said, as she wrote down who she thought was suspectable on her piece of paper.

"I don't suspect any of them, but I suppose it would be fair," the Silver Haired Girl said, as the rest of them continued to carefully think and write names on their sheets of paper. After what felt like hours, she looked around the room once she was sure everyone else was done and noticed that they were all ready.

"Okay, put them into this bag, and I'll pull them out one at a time and tally up the results," the Silver Haired Girl said.

They all put their votes into the little plastic bag, and the Silver Haired Girl proceeded to count the votes for them.

After about five minutes of counting and adding, she was finally done. "Lots of votes.. This won't be easy to narrow down," she said.
"You're all too trusting," the Silver Haired Girl smiled. "None of you voted for me."

"I thought about doing it as a joke, but it wouldn't be very funny," the Gray Haired Boy said.

"You're right, that wouldn't be funny," the Silver Haired Girl mumbled, as she was going to start giving the results.

"I'll just shut up.." the Gray Haired Boy sighed.

Everyone laughed at him being shot down again, either outloud or to themselves. After everyone had calmed down a bit, the Blue Haired Girl spoke.
"I'm a little curious about the four that aren't here, did they get any votes?" she asked.

"They each got one," the Silver Haired Girl replied.

"That's suprising, okay, go ahead," the Blue Haired Girl said.

"You four, stand over there," the Silver Haired Girl said.

The Gray Haired Boy, Blue Haired Girl, Blonde Haired Girl, and the Boy wearing Goggles stood off in the corner of the room as they were told to.

"You four are low risk partners, along with the other four that aren't here.. You each only got one vote, but don't be concerned, no one actually suspects you," the Silver Haired Girl explained.

"How are we not suspected if someone voted for us?" the Gray Haired Boy asked, confused.

The Blue Haired Girl and Blonde Haired Girl both frowned. "How are we being suspected?! We've been taking care of everyone!"

The Boy wearing Goggles didn't say anything to argue, but then again he didn't really understand.

"I voted for everyone that left the student council meeting for any reason. Anyone who left could have killed Mrs. Naoko.. And everyone left atleast once, except for me and Haruki," the Silver Haired Girl explained.

"I see, so that means you had to vote for us, but since no one else did, we have nothing to worry about?" the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"Exactly," the Silver Haired Girl smiled and nodded.

"Yay! We're not suspected!" the Blonde Haired Girl squealed, high fiving the Blue Haired Girl.

"... That means all of us actually got other votes, doesn't it?" the Boy wearing Sunglasses asked.

The Silver Haired Girl nodded, "Sadly."

"Don't worry, I trust you!" the Boy wearing Goggles shouted.

The Boy wearing Sunglasses sighed and looked away embarrased.

"Okay, now you four, go stand in that corner," the Silver Haired Girl said.

The Red Haired Girl, Purple Haired Girl, Black Haired Boy, and the Boy wearing Sunglasses all walked to another corner in the room.

"You each have two votes, but if you don't count mine, you each have only one vote," the Silver Haired Girl said.

"That means that at least one other person here actually suspects us?" the Black Haired Boy asked.

"What a coward! Who ever thinks I'm a murderer better say it to my face!" the Red Haired Girl shouted.

"Calm down, will you? With an attitude like that, what do you expect..? You don't see me freaking out, do you?" the Purple Haired Girl asked.

The Red Haired Girl sighed, trying to relax again.

The Boy wearing Sunglasses looked over at the Silver Haired Boy who was smirking at him. "What are you smiling about? You're over there and I'm over here, that means you got more votes than I did! You're probably the only one who accused me," the Boy wearing Sunglasses shouted, stunning the Silver Haired Boy, who realized even he had people who were accusing him of murder.

"How many votes do I actually have..?" the Silver Haired Boy asked.

"You two, go stand over there and I'll tell you," the Silver Haired Girl said, as she watched the Silver Haired Boy and Blue Haired Boy walk to a third corner. "You both have six, five not counting mine."

"That many?! That's half of the people in this room!" the Blue Haired Boy shouted.

"This is so stupid, someone must have written our names multiple times on the same sheet of paper," the Silver Haired Boy was beginning to get angry. "It's rigged!"

"No, I assure you, it's all fair," the Silver Haired Girl said, then turning to the Red Haired Boy. "Sorry, you have the most votes. Nine, not counting mine you have eight."

The Red Haired Boy felt outcasted. "Do you all really think I'm that bad of a person?" he asked.

No one answered.

"This is bullshit, I don't need you people anyway, I'm out of here," the Red Haired Boy said as he walked out of the room slamming the door behind him, walking to wherever his feet would take him.

"What do we do about him now? There's four of us that don't know that he was voted most likely to be the killer," the Blue Haired Girl asked.

"Don't worry about him, he would have only gotten a few real votes if he didn't pull that gun stunt earlier," the Silver Haired Girl said. "I don't think he did it."

The group wasn't convinced.

"Look, I promise, he's nothing to worry about, okay?" the Silver Haired Girl said.

Still, no response.

"Fine, we'll go look for him, but if you find him before I do, do not harm him," the Silver Haired Girl commanded. "I'm telling you he didn't do anything.. Just take him to the Cafeteria and wait for me to show up," she continued to try and pursuade the group as she lifted Haruki up and was going to carry him to the main entrance by herself before she aided them in their search for the Red Haired Boy and the others.

As the group of eleven began walking out of the Principal's Office to locate the Red Haired Boy, (and if possible, the Brown Haired Girl, White Haired Girl, Purple Haired Boy, and the Long Pink Haired Girl,) every single one of the lights in the school suddenly went out causing a panic forcing everyone to split up again in different directions.

"Don't split up, stick together!" the Silver Haired Girl shouted as loud as she could, but her shyness didn't let her voice get very loud so no one paid any attention to her. "..Just make your way to the cafeteria, I'll be there soon!" the Silver Haired Girl shouted, as she lifted Haruki over her shoulder and hurried toward the main entrance with the only lights in the school to guide her being the red lights coming from the recording button on the security cameras and the small green lights on the smoke detectors.

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  1. There has to be two killers! And one of them is either the Brown Haired Girl, White Haired Girl, Purple Haired Boy, or the Pink Haired Girl! I can't wait to see what happens next!